VTUG Fall Forward

This Friday October 18th 2013, I will be attending the VTUG Fall forward at Gillette Stadium. This is the first time other then the normal Winter Warmer that the event is being held at this location. Every January they hold the event there, I am excited as not only a technology fan but to be in the home of my beloved and reason I have no finger nails in the Fall or Winter seasons, New England Patriots.

The thing I love most about the event is interacting with the people. I will be there tweeting and talking to attendees. If you didn’t know that Twitter NE_VTUG is run by myself and a couple others.

Virtualization Technology User GroupAre you in the New England Area? Come check out a great event and say hello to me!! Nothing beats looking at Gillette Stadiums field all day long.

Register for the event hereĀ 


Nerd’s Blurt

I had to do a post today so you all get this quick blurt on the VTUG meeting that is coming up. I really enjoy these events and have spoken about and at these events in the past. Look for some more great stuff from a social/community perspective in the coming year as the VTUG grows.