What I am using to learn NSX

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

It’s been a few years since I had to spend most of my days as a network admin.  Every now and then I’ve played network admin/engineer for short periods but was only for specific projects and then went back to my generalist type work.  As “SDN” has become more prevalent I need to brush off that part of my brain.  In an effort to learn NSX, I wanted to consolidate the resources I am using to learn so others can benefit from what I have found, and also add what they are using.  Also, thank you to everyone currently engaging me on Twitter in this conversation, either answering questions or pointing me to more great content.

NSX Resources

NSX Community Resources

#vBrownBag EMEA NSX VCP-NV series:  http://professionalvmware.com/?s=vcp-nv

Kamau Wanguhu’s blog:  http://www.borgcube.com/blogs/?s=vxlan&searchsubmit=

Anthony Burke’s blog:  http://networkinferno.net/nsx-compendium

NSX Official Documentation


NSX Hands-On

Without actually having an environment to play in, the VMware HOL have great labs once you’ve done the reading to apply that knowledge


What I am using to learn NSX