What I pledged to win 1

My wife says I am on the computer to much. Always checking my phone doing this and doing that. So today I was having some family time and did something I very rarely do, I shut my phone off! Now many times we get so engulfed with our interests that we don’t realize how engulfed we are.


Old Sturbridge Village is where I spent my day. The day was great I spent the day with my 3 younger kids and 2 nieces; walking around and remembering the days when there was no computers let alone iPads and Droids. Heck back then clouds were the things in the sky you would lay and think of all the shapes. Now things have changed a cloud has no real definition. Vendors have there own spin on what the “Cloud” is.

Your head is in the clouds

My Nana use to say this to me all the time. I am constantly wanting to learn and tinker with things. I have a passion for this. Technology allows me to do that passion.  Gestalt IT reminds me of my grandparents, not by the age but how it engages with it’s readers and gives back to the tech community. Always pushing for the best out of it’s contributors. That’s what my grandparents do to all of us kids.


Gestalt IT held a contest which I previously wrote about. Well the big announcement of the winners was being held today 13th Aug 2010. I had no idea what time, and my phone was off and in the car. Close to 5pm I get back to car and turn my phone on as my messages were coming in I read one “Congrats your going to VMworld!!”, I was taken back for a minute and must of asked Thomas Jones 5 x’s or more in a minute if he was pulling my leg. Thomas is a great guy we just discussed this contest on his podcast yesterday. Him being a Baltimore Pigeon(Ravens) fan made me skeptical until he was like “you really won!! I’m so happy for you!!”. Then my emails synced and I was getting tweet notifications galore. I was one of the lucky winners!!

The judges

I have much respect for the Techfield Day delegates, slightly more now. They were tasked with a tough challange and not just the challange of sending someone to VMworld but what could very well be a life changing experience. I also like how the contest was judged. Another reason I never posted or told anyone what my entry was until later in this post.

Voting was handled by the awesome Gestalt IT Field Day delegates. This most-excellent bunch were themselves selected based on their thought leadership in the areas of virtualization, storage, networking, and enterprise systems administration and are well worth watching! They looked for someone like themselves: Committed to giving back to the IT community. If you’re interested in learning more about them, please check out the lists from San JoseBoston, and Seattle. And watch two weeks after VMworld as our first-everNetworking Field Day is held!

Raison d’etre

In 2003 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I underwent chemo treatment and am doing fine. I remember when I was in the hospital a group of people coming in with Dogs for the patients to play with. At the time I didn’t give it much thought; I enjoyed the golden retriever I played with and will always remember him. Since my last chemo session I’ve wanted to do something, every year on my birthday I bring flowers to the nurses of the George Clinic at Rhode Island hospital. However that just doesn’t seem like enough for me.

My idea

One of the greatest things cancer did for me was give me time. I was exhausted, hardly ate, drank only water, slept 20+ hrs a day sometimes. As I felt better I would tinker w/dreamweaver or photoshop. Then it turned into tinkering with my computer. The whole time remembering my poppa saying “Luigi, get into computers” I was dead set on not getting into computers, as I knew nothing about them. Well alot has changed and I’m into computers, now more Data Storage and virtualization side over the graphic/ web design elements.

Goto to the movies you see the ads to donate to the Jimmy fund and you see the kids. I know what I went through but how can these kids do it?!?!?! Heartbreaking really. I’m a father of 4 wonderful kids, truly blessed. What if my kids got cancer or other illness? I worry everyday about that.

So with the desire to want to give back to something worthwhile my plan will need some help and contributions from the people around me:

I am going to plan Circle reading time where a “virtual” guest shall join us in reading to children fighting cancer/other major illness. Now the kids will be able to see you and you will be able to see them.

Also I will provide technical mentoring for the families in person and via tutorials on this site; which will help them to incorporate current technologies to keep the children and themselves connected.

I also will be doing many posts on virtualization for beginners and various tips or tricks I’ve learned along the way. This is to give back to the tech community that I love.

I survived cancer and got into technology, someone out there right now will survive and if my slight influence can lead them to becoming a computer engineer or scientest, attorney, or president then I will do it.

Cancer like technology affects everyone!

I can’t thank these 4 great sponsors ZettaVeeamxsigosymantec enough. I know Allan Ruiz (the other winner) and myself will be forever grateful!

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    Congratulations Bro! I can’t think of a more deserving person. Have a great time and be sure to blog about the experience 😉