Winner winner Chicken Dinner!! 1

I mentioned Thomas Jones from was holding a contest in an earlier post of mine. You can read it here. I also mentioned that I had thrown myself into the mix. I can announce that I have been selected in the contest!!There are some great people involved and I can’t wait to read all the content from my peers and get some great feedback. Now HP is a big sponsor and honestly I like HP. I’m typing on my Compaq PC right now and have a few other HP products.

One thing I like about this contest is it allows to me get out of the Luigi is an EMC person, Honestly I like all technologies. Give me exposure and I’m sure at some point I may write about it. I am going to keep myself open and challenge myself. You all know who I am and I’m not just the guy who wins iPads.




HP- Is one of the Largest computer companies in the world with Revunue from 2010 at aprx. $126 Billion!! You can read more about them here.
Ivy Worldwide- Is a company that helps business their Social Media Marketing needs. You can read more about them here.

How it works

How it will work is you the readers will vote if you like a post. All of your votes, Twitter RT’s will help the bloggers in the scoring and with the Judges scoring.

So please use the Comments section and click on the Thumbs up!! share it on Twitter & Facebook!! help me and spread the word!!!

Nerd’s Blurt

This is a great opportuinty for us to grow as bloggers and a community. I am looking forward to this and am Honored to be part of the 1st of it’s kind of event.

  • Heck yeah! Go Luigi! Looking forward to this contest!