XBOXONE Unboxing with Hijacked system from Sthulin

Ok last night was an awesome experience, and I think I was more excited then fellow Blogger Sean Thulin. Now Sean had pre-ordered the XboxOne from our local BestBuy and me not ordering it yet tagged along on his picking up. Now BestBuy was ok for a midnight launch, few things I would have thought maybe some swag and giveaways would have been nice on a major release such as this.

Overall it was great talking with some of the staff was great, spending the time with my friend was even better. Shortly after midnight we were off and headed back to Sean’s place to set-up his new system.


XboxOne unboxing

Here is our unboxing video – uncut and raw.


Nerd’s Blurt

I am very thankful to Sean for letting me tag along and will have some more posts on our experiences and some other videos up soon that we recorded last night. And possibly some other newly created videos in the future. In time I will get my own XboxOne but for now I will just get to spend some time with my friend and play on his console.