What is Today?

I was having a chat with a new co-worker today about blogging and sharing knowledge. It got me thinking of this old article I wrote awhile back – What Am I as a Blogger? It is always good to go back and reflect on things, see how things have changed. […]


IntSights – Combating Malware and Cyber Threats

Technology today is everywhere. Business data is on multiple devices and people are still flawed. Not only does the world need to worry about a global pandemic, they also need to ensure their data networks are secure. Malware could be sitting there allowing user full control of your environment. My […]

Thoughts on Snapt Application Delivery

The other day I wrote a quick blog reviewing the book Application Experience. I was reading my friend Roger Lund’s blog looking into Snapt Application Delivery Controller. It appears that I am digging the application layers more lately. What made me start thinking of this was how more and more […]

AX – Application Experience Book Review

Today I wanted to do something different, from talking with my Auntie Lisa who is a database programmer who like me, reads a bunch of tech writings from books to blogs. I wanted to start talking about some of the books I like and have read. The first book is […]

Making the case for hybrid/multi-cloud

In the beginning, convincing customers to adopt the cloud was a challenge. Only cash strapped startups would use the cloud because they couldn’t afford anything else. But then as the enterprise world started to see the financial benefits of adopting the cloud over running their own datacenters, the question became, […]