Are you following me? EMCWorld 2010 Day1 1

There I was sitting in the Westin Hotel next to EMC World having a pre-drink & some wings while waiting for registration to open up. A gentleman walks in “Luigi? I’m Charles Hood (@charleshood” he then proceeds to mention that he saw I had tweeted I was there waiting and he wanted to stop in to say hello. Mr. Hood and myself had a nice chat over a coke then he had to leave as he was still setting stuff up. Shortly after Stuart Miniman (@stu) popped into the City Bar to say hello. Now both gentleman were very busy with preperations for the event I was about to attend and they stopped down for a minute to say hello. That small gesture was genuine and really helped loosen my nerves towards the conference. Thanks Charles & Stu!

I was sitting in Jeremy Burton’s opening talk and was thinking I wonder if Bas Raayman (@basraayman) was in the building yet. I have had a  few discussions w/Mr. Raayman and have really wanted to meet him. After a short tweet conversation we met up. Again Mr. Raayman amazed me by asking if I wanted to join him in the VIP section since he had an extra bracelet. Seriously I was floored! I’ve never met him prior to this and he knows many people here and he asked me, I was truly honored. While with Mr. Raayman I got to meet some new people Thomas Jones (niketown588), Counting Crows, David Hurst (@the_super_dave), Charles Hood , Len Devanna (@LenDevanna).

Finally I met  Gina Minks (@gminks), Devang (@storagenerve), Steve Foskett (@sfoskett), Chris Kuesk (@cxi), John Troyer (@jtroyer), Polly Pearson (@pollypearson), Brian Boyd (@SANGeek), Simon Long (@kiwi_si), Christine Leblanc (@c_weil), Ed Sai (@edsai), Matt Davis (@techmute), Mark Browne(@MaBroIRL).

Now I might have met some more so please forgive me if I didn’t mention you yet.

As I met and disucssed with these great minds I noticed something one of the very 1st questions asked after names exchanged “Are you following me?” , along with numerous people adding the person being spoken with. I have had many contact with all the above via twitter and it help make this first night a great night. I have already achieved 1/2 my goal solidify connections. I’m new to this and not 1 person I have met has treated me like a “Noob”.

So I ask “Are you following me?” No? my twitter id is @ldanakos find me and say hello or tweet your location I’ll meet up with anyone!(just not in a dark alley in the early hours of the morning)

I have included Twitter Id’s (@persons name) next to each persons name feel free to follow them!!