EMC World 2011 Decomp – Closing Thoughts

There’s been pleanty of time. We have all read EMC World announcements, comments and reactions. I still have some reactions I think are best given back to the community. EMC World is unlike anything I have experienced. Said in a way my target audience would appreciate, technology conferences like ours […]

EMC World Decomp pt 2 – Processing++

EMC World was a big week with too much to comment on in just one post. Here’s your next serving size of announcement decomposition by an EMCer. [RCA via Ionix] For real? is that possible? Cloud to Ground Root Cause¬†Analysis? Well it sure seems a giant leap was announced now […]

EMC World Decomposition pt. 1

Ladies,¬†gentlemen, boys and girls; children of all ages. This commentary is my first of many guest authorings with the one and only Luigi. I had the good fortune to head to Sin City last week for what can only be described as an epic week of long days, buffets, multi-mile […]