AX – Application Experience Book Review

Today I wanted to do something different, from talking with my Auntie Lisa who is a database programmer who like me, reads a bunch of tech writings from books to blogs. I wanted to start talking about some of the books I like and have read.

The first book is called: APPLICATION EXPERIENCE: A Practical Guide for IT & Technology Leaders in the Age of Digital Transformation, DevOps & Software Defined Everything.

Application Experience: Practical Guide
Application Experience – by Benjamin Hodge

My Take

That is such a long title, but put that aside it is filled with great information. The Author Benjamin Hodge did a good job keeping me interested. After months of studying for my VCP certification, it was nice to read something in a few hours over the weekend.

The ability to have thought provocation while reading is something I look for in a book. Any book, more important it is refreshing how Ben sets up the journey from start to finish touching just deep enough to not lose my interest but not going super deep to put me into nap time. There are some quick simple exercises scattered throughout as well, not throwing off the flow of the book and the journey the author is trying to take us down.

Why does it matter to me?

Why this book is so timely for me personally is it hits what organizations are going through. Changing rapidly things are (ok I was trying to pull a Yoda type thing here) and this book helps reinforce that we need to be thinking differently and approaching things different than ever before. Users’ expectations are changing fast. Adding a book like this to your knowledge tool belt is a great way to jumpstart your thinking differently. I would say read Who Moved My Cheese, The Phoenix Project, and this book.

Wherever you are in your digital transformation stop for a few hours and give this a read because if you are not thinking of Application Experience today I guarantee you will be in the near future.