Being Always Connected, Bad for Your Health

The thought to be connected to a mobile device or electronic device is here, I do it, my kids do it, friends, strangers all do it. We are connected more ways today then ever and it’s bad for us. Ask yourself when is the last time you took time to just yourself? When is last time you were out and the table had a bunch of people or worse just you and one other and you are sitting there and the other person or yourself is on your mobile device? I’m guilty of this all the time. It’s wrong though on so many social levels, this thought of always being connected.

I often wonder why or exactly how we became this way, people are like Pavlov’s dog with mobile devices. Our devices go off and we react instantly, or worse someone else who has a similar ringtone goes off and we check our phones. My wife has texted me and if i don’t respond i get the “HELLO” messages then subsequent 6 phone calls, and then some nasty voice messages. Why? Because i just happened to leave phone somewhere or was cooking and couldn’t answer. We as a society are screwed, we tether ourselves for constant power, because we can’t let our batteries get past 99% as we need to stay connected.

Now I enjoy the interactions with others via electronic communication, but more and more i am cutting back. I have left my phone at home, weekends I take time to do no work. I also have been responding to others slower, un-training myself and to the condition we have been brought too. The majority of the world have become zombies. But it is more than that, I am raising four kids who right now my youngest son is in a committed relationship with his iPhone and watching live video game streams..all the time! My daughter is always facetiming or snapchatting with her girlfriends, to the point of crazy hours. But what does always being connected do to relationships? It destroys them!Group On phones

I’ll give you a few examples where kids these days are too connected.

Take a boy and a girl back in the day, you can only talk either in person and for certain hours on your home phone. No biggie, you would chat or hangout then go home and have time to digest and time to yourself! We knew all our friends phone numbers, how to get to their houses without GPS, but we were able to grow as people.

Same situation today with a boy and a girl – You are connected via six forms of social media, text, call, video chat, 24/7. If the other doesn’t respond right away you can guarantee an argument, let’s then add in you liking or commenting on someone else’s post. World War 6 would be prettier.

That is where we are today, our kids and even us do not have the chance to grow in an unconnected way. I can say that I have at-least 4 ways to contact 98% of the people I consider family and friends. My wife has 100 ways to contact me.

Being connected is good, but it is one of those things that can be to good after a while.

Nerd’s Blurt

I will probably go on in other posts about this same topic, it is something I think of often and wanted to share my ramblings here with you all. So what are your thoughts?