BlurtCast reborn- Call for Presentations!! 1


BlurtCast was originally started awhile ago for social media webinar topics. I didn’t give it a lot of time to gain any traction and let it fall down on the priority list. The new focus on BlurtCast 2.0 is pretty simple, to help me and others be better presenters. To conquer the little challenges of presenting who better to practice with then your peers or friends.

Now I have been to ToastMasters meetings in the past and loved it, but I also love the PechaKucha presentations or otherwise known as 20 x 20. I will attend a Pechakucha night yet! They host one in Providence area which isn’t to far from me.

I was out at VMworld talking with Jonathan Frappier about this, now he has heard me talk about this for at least 6 months now, the original thought was for group of people to join an open hangout which is recorded and broadcast live via On Air Hangouts then saved to a YouTube channel. Whoever is present selects a presenter and then we screenshare a desktop and go to slidshare and select a random presentation. Then presenter presents the deck. Jonathan said a good thing if we are focused on Tech presentations why not use just tech ones. Now this is where the community comes into play and the ……


Help us improve and send us presentations! Pretty simple and straightforward! Email me ldanakos at them

  • How long do they need to be? Any size really, but presenters are only going to do a max of 20 slides whether there is more to present or not
  • What topics? ANY!
  • Do they need to be complete presentations? No!! just between 15-20 slides
  • Content must be something that can be shared with the world, don’t care if they are old decks or something you just finished, or are working on.
  • No the decks will not be shared with anyone besides myself (NerdBlurt, and guests on show)
  • Age on decks does not matter either, we all have something laying around so put it to use!

Also note that this is also for us to have some fun and laughs through out the whole process, to help ease the stress of speaking.

Nerd’s Blurt

I will do a separate post on the first BlurtCast and how you can join in and participate. I’m really excited to be doing this as I want to be a better presenter. I know others want to be better presenters