Bringing the User back into User Group

As many of you know Matthew Brender, Jim Peluso and myself run the social media activities for the New England VMware User Group (NEVMUG). I have been talking with the President Chris Harney about getting more user involvement in the group.  It was brought up that the NEVMUG would love to have end user presentations, not just the sponsor presentations. Think of it as a primer or ultra mini version of VMworld. I am excited that Chris is fully on board and supporting this idea! Matthew and Jim are also super excited about this. We have many ideas for the growth of the social front with-in the group and shall be ramping up efforts in the coming year.

Call for Papers

Starting today 30th November 2011 until21st December 2011 we will be accepting submissions to be a presenter at the 19th January 2012 Winter Warmer. The selection commitee will then go through the submissions and notify the selected presenters on the 28th December 2011. The presenters then Have until 01 January 2012 to accept. The presenter will have to provide a copy of their presentation to the NEVMUG by 15th January 2012.

Key Dates*

  • Submissions open: November 30th 2011
  • Submissions close: December 21st 2011
  • Selected prestenters notified: December 28th 2011
  • Presenters accept by: December 30th 2011
  • Copy of presentation due: January 15th 2012

Submit your presentation (Click here if form not displayed below)


Terms and Conditions

New England VMware User Group (NEVMUG) Limited Liability Terms and Agreement

All responsibility is of the presenter. The presenter does not represent the NEVMUG, VMware, or any of the sponsors at the event. NEVMUG will provide presenters with a free lunch on the day of presentation. This is a voluntary action and is a community endeavor on the part of the presenter.

Privacy Policy

Any information provided on this form will not be used for marketing or entrepreneurship endeavors. Your information will be stored securely and unless selected as a presenter it will be deleted by 12/30/2011


Nerd’s Blurt

I think this great idea! I’m hoping the community believes so to and partake in this. I’m a firm believer in doing for the community for which you belong. Also I am selfish in that I love to learn from my peers.