Chromecast Setup on OSX with Chrome and initial thoughts

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

tl;dr version:  Save the $35, its not ready for everyday use or on large screen devices.

A few quick notes to consider before you get started. Consider how your audio is played.  For example I run all my video and audio through a receiver, so while I was able to get video after setting up my Chromecast directly on a TV input I couldn’t get audio. When I connected the Chromecast directly to the receiver it worked properly. However, that means I couldnt power via USB since I have no USB on the receiver, so I need to find an outlet for the power adapter.

The setup wizard was straight forward.

  • Connect your Chromcast to an available HDMI port and either USB port on the TV or power outlet
  • Turn on the TV and change to the input assoicated with the HDMI port you connected the Chromecast to
  • You should see a message similar to “Set me up”
  • Go to
  • Download the Chromecast app, copy to the install folder and run the app
  • Accept the license agreement
  • The app will find your Chromecast, click continue
  • Verify the code in the Chromecast app matches what is displayed on your TV and click Thats my code
  • Select your wifi network and enter your wifi key/password and optionally, change the name of your Chromecast device and click continue
  • The message on your TV should be similar to to the Chromecast app – connecting to wifi, then downloading updates if necessary


  • Once the updates are complete, the Chromecast device will restart and apply the updates
  • Click continue on the Chromecast app
  • Click on Get Cast Extension which is a browser plugin to stream from Chrome to your Chromecast device
  • A new Chrome window will open, click on Add Extension, click Add
  • Click the Cast icon in your browser and select your device
  • You can now see your browser screen from your computer on your TV (less navigation bars)


via OSX Mavericks with Chrome


  • There is enough of a lag from the video playback to give you a headache. This could be either
    • A) 802.11G not being fast enough
    • B) TV refresh rate being to slow (60Hz)
    • C) Video quality from the web being to low for a 52″ TV (YouTube/ Walking Dead Webisode, the lag seemed consistent also on
  • If you are not using Chrome, you will have to, there seems to be no support for other browsers
  • Cannot watch Amazon prime videos in full screen mode

via an iPad (and assume iPhone)


  • Notifications do not seem to interfere with video/audio playback.


  • Can only seem to stream from Youtube or Netflix, the Chrome browser in iOS does not appear to be aware of the Cast app.

via Windows Phone 8
No support for WP8, this may end my WP8 experiment before it even really got started

Its a $35 device, and that is about on par with the quality I might expect from a $35 video device. Hopefully the Chromecast isn’t a one and done type of device as I think it could be useful with more device and website support.  I will look at testing this more with an Android device, maybe its a bit better working with the Google ecosystem or as a travel companion, however for now I’ll stick to streaming through my Blu-Ray player and internet enabled TV.  Take the $35 and put that towards a night out or towards a Roku.


Chromecast Setup on OSX with Chrome and initial thoughts