Dellworld- Chicken wings for breakfast

As many of you might know I love chicken wings. I would say it is like how Amy Lewis and Josh Atwell love bacon.

one thing I wanted to find in Austin was a place that had good wings. I was at breakfast with Roger Lund and started a conversation with Chef David. It started out with me getting some tips on how to flip an omelet without a spatula. Chef David was loving this he was sharing his craft. Now I enjoy to cook and I am picky foodie. I then asked him where was a good place to get wings. Typical response that even I say is well the best wings are my wings. We talked about some different techniques to make some tasty wings. He then said if we gave him some money to purchase the chicken he would make Roger and myself some wings. It wasn’t long before we gave him some money and said see you tomorrow.

Fast forward to this morning, Shawn Cannon and myself go down for breakfast. I see Chef David and ask “You get to make the wings last night?” He replies “Yes  sir.”  I was excited.


Here is the bowl of homemade chicken wings that Chef David made for us.

Nerd’s Blurt

In this day and age this doesn’t happen. However, this story proves there are descent people out there. You never know by simply treating someone with a little respect and kindness positive things happen. Not only were we happy but Chef David was happy that he could share something he loves to make with complete strangers. The wings were tasty, chicken almost falling off the bone. This simple gesture made my entire trip worth it.