Dellworld-Preamble 1

I am currently on my way to Austin, TX for Dellworld. I have to say I am excited to be selected and sponsored by Dell to attend the event. So expect many tweets from me and some posts covering the event.

Something I am trying is to actually stick to my strategy with the event. I What I mean is that with every conference I have been to to date I start with a plan to tweet a lot and write posts and in reality I get wrapped up by tweeting and the face-face interactions and the blog posts add to my post back-log. (which should be getting caught up soon)

I consider this a travel day and not much to report, I am however missing out on the New England Patriots Monday Night Football game to travel to the event. I really wish Delta had the game on the flights I am on. But guess we can’t get everything. Also it is my birthday. It wasn’t easy saying yes to being away from my family on my birthday but with my wife’s support I’m sitting here typing on a plane. Only wish she could have joined me on this trip.

My plan to date is off a couple days as I was laid up resting to ensure that I was not sick for the event. But it is achievable.

What do you want to know about Dellworld? Let me try and fill in some information gaps for those that can’t attend the event.


Nerd’s Blurt

I always love going to conference to learn about what companies are doing and the latest gadgets they are revealing. The best part is being able to reconnect with many of my friends I have made over the years and meet new ones. You never know who can help you in the future or who you can help, and there’s nothing better then being able to help someone if you can. So THANKS Dell for believing in the value I will ad to your event.