Don’t Confuse your SRMs

When I attended a special Webex for EMC Elect and heard topic was on SRM I immediately thought about VMware’s SRM (Site Recovery Manager) product.  Now this is where list of Tech Acronyms comes in handy for all of us. I am actually talking about EMC Storage Resource Manager Suite. Today they are releasing SRM v3.0 & ViPR v1.1.

We will look at the Storage Resource Manager in this post though.

Is a software suite designed to help you gain a better understanding on what your storage is doing and how you can improve it. By providing various trend and analysis reports SRM v3.0  will help you achieve just that. 

EMC SRM v3.0

  • Performance Trending and Reporting
    • Analyze performance from Host, Switch, and Array perspective
  • Storage and Application capacity trends
    • Reports capacity use across heterogeneous environments
    • Analyzes capacity by service or FAST policy
  • Storage Configuration Management
    • Define Polices
    • Validate compliance to EMC Support Matrix
    • Ensure proper configuration to meet service levels
  • SLA Achievement Reporting
    • Customizable
    • Unified alerting for hosts, switches, arrays
  • Application Chargeback
  • UtilizationOptimization
    • Move applications to lower-cost storage without violating SLAs
    • Identify underutilized capacity
    • Reclaim orphaned storage

New in v3.0
They have taken ProSphere, Storage Configuration Advisor and Watch4net and mashed them together in a killer combo.

  • Integrated product
    • Single Architecture
    • Consolidated Alerts
    • VAPP-Based Deployment Option
  • New Platforms
    • ViPR
    • Data Protection Advisor
    • VI Virtual Wisdom
  • Use-Case Driven UI
    • Dashboards
    • Explore
    • Operations
    • Planning
    • Report Library
  • Enhancements
    • Host Capacity utilization
    • Powerpath metrics

Architecture is also new in v3.0

EMC SRM v3.0

*information was obtained from EMC

You can also check out this short video

Nerd’s Blurt 

This is what I have been waiting for with EMC, to gain access to information so I can write more about their products to keep you all up to date and talk about the company that is literally 5 minutes from my house. SRM suite looks nice from what I saw on it, I would love to get my hands actually on a copy to play around with and just try and break it.