Down and Dirty Basics Series- VDI

Like many I am very curious about Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI), I also have alot of questions pertaining to this.

So like I stated previously in my last post I will be doing a series on VDI and breaking it down some. I will mainly be focusing on VMware View but maybe in some later posts do some on Citrix and Microsoft VDI solutions.

So here is my brief working outline and how the posts will be written.


  • Overview- This will be a brief 1st post coming out later this week. In this post I will give a brief overview of View and VDI some of the benefits and possible draw backs.
  • Hardware– This is going to outline the general hardware requirements to run a VDI solution
  • Network- This will outline any special network requirements. This will differ from the hardware post as it will focus on Networking equipment.
  • OS’s- This will outline which OS’s are supported and required to run a VDI solution.
  • Licensing- This will cover some licensing that is required to run a VDI environment. There will be some Microsoft overlap in this post.
  • Installation & Basic Config– This post will be the last in the series where I will actually try and install the View system with 1 VM. I will try to include as much documentation as possible for this but will be referring to the install document and following the steps there.

Thoughts, Feedback

Looking at this it is actually a very good series. I will be using various sources for each post and will credit as much as possible.

Nerd’s Blurt

This is really a selfish series but something I have a great deal of questions on, and I know if I do then others do to. I am already excited to do the research and learn then share that knowledge with you all. Hopefully it sparks some discussions and more learning from there.

Please feel free to use the hash tag #DDBS (Down and Dirty Basic Series) on twitter with any questions or resources to help me!!