EMC Elect 2014 Honorees Announced 4

Today EMC announces their 2014 EMC Elect members. I am honored to have been selected for the 2014 Elect.

I have been apart of this group in different ways from hearing of it’s inception and watching it through it’s first year of life, all from the outside. Now I am in the group and look forward to seeing this program shape up.

The Elect are either self nominated or nominated by someone else, once nominations are closed their is a peer judge panel made up of Elect members who evaluate each candidate. Then the peer judges select the Elect members for that year.

You can read the official announcement here

Elect2014-webNerd’s Blurt
This is a great opportunity for me and this blog, it allows access to more resources which will allow me to write more on various topics. This also means that I now belong to three communities in their community advocacy recognition programs.