EMC Elect 2015 – Thank you! #EMCElect

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

I was pretty excited to hear I have once again been selected as a member of the EMC Elect community for the 2nd year. Since becoming EMC Elect in 2014, I also joined EMC full time in the Education Services department.

For those curious what EMC Elect is all about, head on over to ECN; here is a brief snippet:

EMC Elect is a community-driven recognition and thank you for an individual’s engagement with EMC as a brand. Why is this important – critical, even – for EMC? Here’s where it all began:

Our charter: The team at EMC has designed this program to increase investment and engagement with EMC within our global community – customers, partners, and EMC employees alike.

Our goal: Provide EMC Elect members with unprecedented access into EMC product and service teams; enable them with exclusive privileges; and further their status as community leaders.

Our vision: EMC Elect will be held with high regard within the industry, highlighting and enhancing thought leadership in the fields of data center management, cloud computing, and big data. The program will lead to innovative breakthroughs and a stronger community across the globe.

The  EMC Elect FAQ document details the parameters of the program and should also be reviewed for a full picture of what the EMC Elect program represents.

EMC Elect 2015 – Thank you! #EMCElect