EMC Style 2013 – Video

I just finished watching the video below, EMC has made another video spoof song. I know some industry pundits don’t like these videos. I have to disagree there, the videos are made just for fun and it get’s their product visible. I personally think they should have chosen a different song considering the controversy with the artist who sings the original song. Chad Sakac and his team started this two years ago with vSpecialist’s Delight and came out with Cloud Freaky, where they even get a competitor Vaughn Stewart involved.

Stop and look at the metrics for a second, to date the prior videos have a total of 26k hits. I’d channel say that is pretty descent for a technology company just having some fun.

EMC Style 2013



vSpecialist’s Delight (2011)



Cloud Freaky (2012)



Nerd’s Blurt

I enjoy seeing a company trying something different and not always going with the cookie cutter way of doing things. You can see these videos are made for pure enjoyment and a good laugh. Keep it up.