EMC World 2011 Decomp – Closing Thoughts

There’s been pleanty of time. We have all read EMC World announcements, comments and reactions. I still have some reactions I think are best given back to the community.

EMC World is unlike anything I have experienced. Said in a way my target audience would appreciate, technology conferences like ours are a terabyte-bandwidth LACP of enthusiasm. Said more generally, it’s a conglomeration of knowledge sharing across a community that has always been there that you didn’t even know about. It reminds you even the savviest have more to learn from another and even the biggest name is just a kind person who enjoys a casual conversation.

World was refreshing, confirming that there is a bigger world beyond my cubical that appreciates my effort, along with a future that appreciates the curious. Join us next year and reignite your own curiousity.