EMC World 2013 – NerdBlurt’s Guide to Connecting Virtually

This year marks  the 1st time in 3 years that I will not be attending EMC World in person. I’m not going to try and hide the fact that I do wish I was there. There is  a lot of great content there. Best of all you get to meet and talk with your peers. That is what attending any conference is really about, the chance to meet up with your peers from around the world. EMC World is always going to be special to me as back in Boston 2010 it was my very 1st major conference That I attended. I made so many great friends that still to this very day I am in regular contact with, and the impact & influence they have made in my life can’t be measured by any dollar amount. This is the true value of industry conferences.

If you are like me and partaking in the event remotely here are some great ways to get involved.

EMC World Virtually

Now EMC has made it possible to participate remotely, while the experience isn’t the same as being there in person it is great step in allowing the community to be involved.

1. Twitter – This is my major medium to engage with people online. Partaking in the ongoing conversation during an event can be done remotely as well. There are a number of twitter clients that allow you to search hashtags. #EMCWorld is the official hashtag.

EMC World 2013 Hash



2. EMC Community Network vPass – This is the official online hub of all things happening at EMC World that you can participate in remotely. Just login to your ECN account and start engaging.

EMC World vPass

3. EMC RAMP – RAMP is EMC’s gamification for the community. It launched at  EMC World 2012.  Here you can partake in some online missions to get your community engagement virtually.

EMC World RAMP vPass


4. facebookThe social netwok everyone loves but hates at the same time. Interact with EMC staff and keep up on your friends and this industry event.

EMC World vPass Facebook


5. YouTube– Catch all the great video and highlights on our favorite online video site.

EMC World vPass YouTube


6. Flickr– For all you photoholics out there.

EMC World vPass Flickr


7. TheCubeWikibon and Silicon Angle – Join the Analysts from Wikibon and silicon Angle while they interview and discuss the happenings of EMC World. Here is schedule of their live broadcasts.

EMC World The Cube Schedule 2013


Nerd’s Blurt

These mediums should keep you pretty busy and engaging with EMC World remotely. So if you are not there join me in one of these ways. I know the sentiment when I wasn’t going was that now others can win something. But what they don’t realize is I already won the best thing of all. Friendship. The relationships made around conferences will always be my favorite part.

*added the TheCube resource to the list.