EMC World Decomp pt 2 – Processing++

EMC World was a big week with too much to comment on in just one post. Here’s your next serving size of announcement decomposition by an EMCer.

[RCA via Ionix]

For real? is that possible? Cloud to Ground Root Cause Analysis? Well it sure seems a giant leap was announced now that Ionix Server Manager 3.0 can see down to the vSwitch. I immediately want to know what it can and cannot do… all the ins and outs, blind spots and road maps, because this level of visibility through the hazy Cloud stacks should be built into everything.

===============/Cloud RCA/==================

[Googleplex in a nanosecond]

I still don’t know enough technical specifics about the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to understand its overall impact to the EMC portfolio, but I did find the briefing quote of interest:

“Every time an employee searches for content stored on VNX storage systems—such as documents, spreadsheets, multi-media, and .pdf files, the GSA references its index to provide the search results. Leveraging the new connector, the VNX unified storage system will automatically publish a notification to the GSA to update the index when files change. The GSA then indexes the updated content and makes the search results readily available to users.” on-the-fly indexing for content stored on EMC VNX storage systems. is it like greenplum index-based search in a VNX? Is it the whole internets? I can’t confirm or deny either speculation, but I know I’ll be hunting for yellow easter eggs in the lab in the coming weeks. And a great quote: “Companies are packrats—they hang onto a lot of data, in every nook and cranny of an IT infrastructure. If they can’t find that information, it becomes less valuable to them and their employees and customers. The integration between VNX unified storage and Google Search Appliance is about driving employee productivity. Together, Google and EMC are empowering employees with information. Faster access to information equals faster time to value creation. This is a powerful combination for any organization,” said Benjamin S. Woo, Program Vice President, Worldwide Storage Systems Research at IDC.”

It sounds smart. Maybe I should google it.

==============/ GSA /===============

[SAN, meet Cloud. Cloud, SAN]

Cloud Tiering Appliance (sure to be reduced to the acronym CTA in no time) does some magic. The hitlist:

>> (First & Only Unified Storage Solution to Automatically) Tier ‘cold’ file to the cloud

>> Which cloud? Well I’m glad you asked – built in support for Atmos powered clouds from ISPs, public or private config.

>> Keeping your cloudiness as defuse as a nice English fog, you can shift tiers towards VNX, EMC Isilon or to archive (plug your favorite Data Domain device in here).

CTA screams automated cost-efficiency, which is on the shortlist of must-haves to keep IT costs manageable in this cloudy world of ours.

===============/ SANdy Clouds /=================]

[VPLEX can now body slam the world]

My car may not be hovering just yet, but VPLEX makes me believe teleportation is not far away. From the release:

•     The latest version of the VPLEX operating system improves storage efficiency by enabling VPLEX to non-disruptively move or copy virtually provisioned or thinly provisioned devices across EMC and non-EMC arrays, allowing storage to be allocated and consumed only as it is needed. Supports those uglies you might want to be Geo’ing away from: from NetApp to HP. “It allows us to take distance out of the equation when allocating resources and providing high availability to our users around the world.” Carsten Fraszczak, Head of Server & Network Management, REpower Systems AG

Or as the one and only vChad said, this new feature is pure awesomesauce.

==============/ Geo(VPLEX) /=============

And those are the big announcements that I found worth rehashing after the fact. I hadn’t even had time to write everything I want to about project Lightning or about how great the folks at OxygenCloud are, but there will be time for that as well. Next round I’ll tackle more personal take-homes from the event, from #nerdherding at SocialCity to running a Proven Professional gauntlet on Tuesday.

Happy teching –