EMC World Decomposition pt. 1

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls; children of all ages. This commentary is my first of many guest authorings with the one and only Luigi. I had the good fortune to head to Sin City last week for what can only be described as an epic week of long days, buffets, multi-mile walks and oh yeah, EMC World 2011. I was busily in the moment last week and did not post commentary on the well-deserved announcements, and for that I apologize. Here are my amends: full, unedited and unapproved by anyone commentary from a VNXe Systems Engineer in his third year of EMC-hood.

So for those outside the EMC firewall, I am fortunate enough to hear about big announcements before they are announced. Now that we are at a point of common knowledge, I want to share some after-the-fact near-real-time reactions to some big ones, smattered with quotes and commentary by people more knowledgeable than myself.

1) [IIG]

The introduction of the IIG (Information Intelligence Group) tickles my technological taste buds. The dynamic combination of content management through Documentum and information governance via SourceOne gift wrapped as an “EMC Certified Solution” screams partner empowerment. It is an official blessing — we hold this combination of products to be self-evident. Disperse them with confidence and bountiful whitepapers.

And let’s put it in perspect: empowering partners is vicariously empowerment ourselves: metaphorically stated, I sure don’t mind fishing, but I prefer to teach others to fish while I sell them the best poles, lores and maps. Let them enjoy the water a little and have my expert blessing. The IIG initiative seems to get the point even if that metaphor does not.


“As companies move to the cloud and explore new ways to transform their business, ‘technology’ loses out to ‘solutions’ and ‘expertise.’ This is why we’re so pleased to deliver our new partner program and set of initiatives, as we’re confident this new EMC partner ecosystem will enable customers to achieve high-impact results quicker than ever before,” said Chris McLaughlin, Vice President of Channels and Alliances for IIG, a Division of EMC. “As EMC increases its focus on delivering total solutions, working with selected, certified partners gives customers the confidence to rely on us for their business-critical processes.”

We already have the product we want. We see here that the process is starting to catch up.

===============/ IIG /==================

2) [Mobility::on]

Blah blah mobile apps blah blah. Honestly, if you’re building your CIFS environments on the fly from your iPad, I don’t want you in charge of my data.

That said, there is a one line in this press release that catches my attention – “In addition to delivery of mobile applications on a regular cadence, EMC will enable partners and customers to develop mobile solutions and applications on top of its platform.”

Why do I care? Because I have brilliant coworkers. That being said, I have the utmost confidence you (i.e. the communal “you” that built Linux, Perl & beautiful mashups like padmapper.com) are more likely to build the functionality you want than any company can. The best code leads towards self-empowerment. Empowerment comes from APIs. APIs result in success stories, from the App Store to, hopefully, EMC’s recent management proposals.

================/ Mobil /=================

3) [Do it for the children]

Our sponsorship of Code for America is at mitzvah I endorse full heartedly. The idea of Make a difference with Data is far from just a lecture, it is today’s mantra. Whether you are looking for an apartment (see padmapper link above), trying to learn music, or building a community, massaging data has interesting <kout> and beautiful ways inspires and empowers us all.

===============/Data Hero/=====================


So there you have it. Some food for thought with enough room in your tummy to keep you coming back later this week.