EMC World: Social Connectivity & a Photographer 3

So EMC World has come to a close. It was a great time, I had plenty of great conversations with so many people. The one thing I must say is that Len Devanna  and his Staff Emille Greene and Lauren Buchsbaumwere excellent host(esses)! The EMC Bloggers Lounge staff always does a great job with providing a nice relaxing atmosphere for everyone to gather, chat and write.

The pluses
This year they did a superb job of blending Silicon Angleand there live “The Cube” video casts into the lounge with no impact to the space for people to sit. Like last year the Espresso machine was back and is probably one of the favorites of the bloggers.

I also have to say that the inclusion of Social City just outside of the Bloggers Lounge was a great way to get the community more involved. The ECN staff did a wonderful job. Some of the things that happened in Social City was Q&A sessions with various EMC employees like Chad Sackac, Chuck Hollis, Dave Henry and the “#NerdHerd” (Matt Brender, Sean Thulin & myself) for an impromptu #nerdherd session. There shall be a post and the video up soon.
While there was a lot of greats at the event the one thing that I’m still trying to figure out;  is how the host venue’s are not equipped to handle the Internet traffic. There was plenty of connection ports but it was spotty at best. I think these venues need to remember they are not catering to “normal” computer users. Many attending these types of conferences have multiple devices that utilize the network. Multiply  that by 8-10thousand users and you have major saturation on your hands.
Maybe future events will look at networking companies to sponsor some separate dedicated connections to help alleviate the bottle neck and frustration some had with this. I will say that my iPad connected fine but some windows machines were having issues connecting and then when they did it was spotty at best.
Great eye
I saw so many people taking pictures throughout EMC World, but there is one person I’d like everyone to see his pictures. While many photographers have the time to process and edit photos days after shooting them, David Elmes  had to do many of them shortly after to be able to upload them for people to partake in the event virtually. this dedication allowed for many people to feel connected to the event. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out some of the pictures from EMC Corp here.
Nerd’s Blurt
Overall EMC World was excellent; the atmosphere was different from last year but none the less great. I was able to meet some new people who I look forward to keeping in contact with.
I did catch VMware  scoping out the bloggers lounge area during EMC World, could this be the start of an unoffical contest?