Exam Recap – EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services #EMCProven #CloudArchitect

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

**Disclaimer:  I am an EMC employee.  This post is my opinion of the test and training materials and was not paid for, asked for, required, reviewed or edited by anyone at EMC other than myself. **

Last week I passed the EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services (EMCCIS), the first step in achieving the Cloud Architect Expert certification.  Having taken CompTIA (A+, Network+, iNet+), Microsoft (MCSE 2000), Cisco (CCNA) and VMware (VCP-DCV, VCAP-DCD) I can say that this particular exam and related course work are quite a bit different than what I am used to.

I think all of the exams I have taken have focused on a very specific product or technology (CompTIA being vendor agnostic), however the Cloud Infrastructure and Services exams really focused on process and design considerations versus just knowing how a specific piece of EMC technology worked.  This exam was very broad, and covered areas such as storage (obviously!), virtualization, security and business process.  While many exams may expect you to know how to make certain features work, this exam wanted you to know how different processes and disciplines applied to a business, for example  understanding the role of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC); something that all of us should think about every day but is generally out of sight from our every day lives as vPeople.  There were a few “exam questions” but that is par for the course on any technical certification test (at least that I’ve taken).

The exam is broken into a few different sections including:

  • The Classic Data Center covering topics such as networking, storage, and management
  • The Virtual Data Center with various sections to cover compute, storage, networking, VDI and backup/business continuity
  • Cloud Computing covering the types of services available (this IaaS, PaaS, etc…), management and security

If you have been working with virtualization, storage and cloud computing for several years, you might pass this test without any study (there are no class requirements) however there were some concepts I had not considered which caught me off guard.

Given what I learned through the training and test, I am looking forward to taking the Virtualized Data Center and  Cloud Infrastructure Planning and Design, the “specialist” level which is the next step moving towards Cloud Architect.  You can find out more about the Cloud Architect track here (https://education.emc.com/guest/campaign/CloudArchitect/default.aspx)

Exam Recap – EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services #EMCProven #CloudArchitect