Frappy got his UCS back – Job Change Post – Deja vu Edition

Every now and again (I would imagine) you get that phone call to change jobs – a great job opportunity; everything you have ever wanted to do only to find it was all smoke and mirrors.  As luck would have it, the company I left for just such a false opportunity wanted me back so I am headed back to lifeIMAGE as a Senior IT Administrator.  We have a great stack of technology – multiple data centers, top of the line gear and a very interesting road map for leveraging cloud technology down the road.   Since I try to docu-blog I hope this means a bit more articles here and a bit more activity for me on the EMC and VMware forums.

In addition to working with great technology, the product we make – even if just some small/tiny part, is built to help people – makes waking up in the morning and feeling like your work has a purpose a lot easier!