From the Desk of Blurt: Get the funk out….

I can’t describe it any better then a funk to write over the last few months. I have had several conversations and the desire to write something just hasn’t been there. But i enjoy writing so why have I not been doing so? I have at least four partial drafts for work blog posts.

Let me ask this fellow bloggers.. how do you deal with this funk?

I am motivated to learn new things as I’ve been playing around with learning coding stuff, just because I want to make something I think is cool and useful to me, maybe I should write about some of that and the challenges there.  I’ve thought of writing about my transition to my role over the last year at HP and that has been a whirlwind of goodness but such a professional and personal maybe I will share some of those tribulations and trials.

Desk of Blurt

Nerd’s Blurt

This is just a quick post to start to get back into the swing of things, think i might do more of these random little thought posts…

Blurt out