Fun with a shirt! EMC World 2010 3

I was having a discussion W/ Don Wake & Thomas Jones in the Bloggers Lounge and said” I’m going to wear a white t-shirt and mark my Twitter Id on the back, bring a pen & let people sign there Twitter Id’s on it. The three of us were laughing as it really is a fun concept. Later that night while preparing for the next day I said “a marker might look kind of cheesy”, so I ventured out to Walmart and bought the cheapest Iron kits they had. Once I was home I simply printed the lettering out and ironed it on. Now I also had made one to surprise Mr. Jones with. Now I didn’t think he would actually wear the shirt but see it as a novelty gag. Well I was wrong and he shocked me again and put it on right then & there. So now the experiment begins. I proceeded to the Bloggers Lounge to type some notes. Mr. Chuck Hollis was sitting there and chuckled some when seeing the shirt, success! That’s the whole point to have fun so I was excited it was so far working. I asked Mr. Hollis if he would sign my shirt later as he was very busy. As the day progressed I started asking people I was talking to if they wanted to sign my shirt. Now ask yourself could you ask a VP of Employment & Branding to sign your shirt? I did!

Mrs. Polly Pearson from EMC was gracious enough to sign my shirt. I had a bunch of others that I have networked on there too. As I was going through the booths some people didn’t have Twitter Id’s so I said just sign it w/anything but please don’t dot your I’s! I was able to attend a party thrown by Emulex in Boston.  I had taken my shirt off prior thinking that Mr. Jones was going to change out of his, again I was wrong! Right there he was wearing his shirt and loving it!!  The next day I continued to wear it and I got a lot of signatures! People reacted unexpectedly, like “you really want me to sign your shirt?” I reply “yup, it’s all for fun”. Some were kind of honored that I had asked them. Now remember I said Mr. Hollis was possibly going to sign it?


Now not that Mrs. Pearson or Mr. Hollis are more important then anybody that signed my shirt because to me everyone that signed it was having fun and that is what means the most!

But what impresses me is that both Mrs. Pearson & Mr. Hollis are well respected in their respective fields. And so far that is close to the Top of my SWEETNESS list of things that happened at EMC World!!

For those wondering I have close to 75 signatures/twitter id’s!!