Helping to fill a void

Hey all, hope you are all doing as good as me. Tonight I was able to attend my 1st Brownbags session hosted by Cody Bunch.

What is a BrownBags session?

Good question and I will give you the site’s defintion.

BrownBags are a series of online webinars held using GotoMeeting and covering various VMware Certification topics. On this page you’ll find a sign-up for the live series, as well as links to past recordings.

Here’s mine-

This is regular web series that puts real world experts at the mercy of use noobs!! haha.. No seriously the original explanation is great!

Why the Hype NerdBlurt?

I tell you why I’m excited about finally attending the live session and why I’m going to continue to partake in future  sessions and catch up on past Brownbags… simply put they are awesome!! It is a great resource for people just like me but also more experienced users as well. I’ve noticed while attending VMUG’s (VMware User Groups) that there is a great need for people wanting resources for training. I’m talking some simple basic stuff also..not everyone wants to get certified or spend time doing so out there.. It’s a fact.

At my recent NEVMUG( New England VMware User Group) I sat in on a SIG (Speciality Interest Group)  for the healthcare industry. They were discussing the VMware  View iPad application and some use cases for Dr.’s using it. Well it was clear from that session many aren’t to familiar with View on some basic levels.. With this economy people don’t want to waste budgets if they can’t understand what they are using. So this one gentleman stated the lack of basic information on View out there.

This got me thinking some… Why not do a post on what is required and a basic install of View? Boom yes I am currently working on just that.

But that wasn’t the point the point I really got besides a great future post is Training on all levels is in demand. I think Cody does a great job and fills some of this void.

NerdBlurt’s Blurt

I have some future posts in the works and some I’ve been doing for awhile and will finish up on training soon, but the demand is out there. I think the job that Cody does with the Brownbags is great. He is well respected and truly a great asset to the VMware community. Cody fills some of this void and for that I am appreciative!