Holy Shit I did it again

It’s that time again. Where the VMware community gets bustling with joy as if a new product is going to be announced. But it is something better then that the Annual vExpert Awards are given out. John Troyer and team have been diligently going over countless applications for the program. This isn’t just any program, it’s the vExpert program, community awarded program for contributions to the VMware community. This is the 5th year of the program and my second time. I am humbled to be in such great company and still in awe of making the cut.

vmware vexperts list


Nerd’s Blurt

I enjoy community awards more then technical certifications, being a communities guy. I do like y technical certifications don’t get me wrong. But I enjoy and get better sense of self fulfillment knowing I helped something greater then just myself. I must know continue to do more to be able to stay on this list of my VMware peers. I look forward to doing just that! Again thank you to the entire VMware team that kept my name on the list and selecting me vExpert 2013.

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