Infinio Announces updated version and license giveaway

Today Infinio announced the release of Infinio Accelerator v1.2. The update adds support to VMware vSphere 5.5 now. This is great for Infinio as it will help broaden it’s customer install base for those already running on vSphere 5.5.

Find out more about Infinio by clicking here or by simply clicking on the banner along the side of this site.

Another small announcement included with vSphere 5.5 support is the Team over at Infinio is giving away limited number of NFR (not for retail) licenses for home/ test lab use.

Infinio is currently offering a limited number of free fully functional Accelerator licenses for use in test labs.  To learn more, and enter to win the free test licenses, visit

Infinio accelerator

Nerd’s Blurt

I like to share this information with my readers because I love the team over at Infinio, having had multiple briefings with them and interacted at numerous user groups. They are a lively bunch, even poaching my good friend Matthew Brender. They are also a sponsor on but when you look past that and look at their product it’s just really cool technology at work. Think the real question here, should be how long before somebody scoops them up.