Installing the vCenter Support Assistant

The vCenter support assistant is a free appliance from VMware that assists in submitting support cases to VMware while collecting relevant logs.  This should be installed in every environment now BEFORE you have a problem!  The installation is very easy:

  1. Deploy the OVF as any other and power on.
  2. Set the root password at boot
  3. Configure your network settings
  4. Navigate to the URL/IP of your vCenter Support Assisant
  5. Register the plugin via the Support Assistant web ui (should get a message that it registered successfullyvcenterappliance
  6. If you are still using the Windows client, you should now have a vCenter Support Assistant option under Solutions and Applications, if you are using the Web Client, there are some additional steps to take.
  7. The vCenter support assistant checks to ensure it is working properly. vcentersupportnext
  8. Click Next and log into My VMware and start creating SRs!