Introducing SportsBlurt, talking sports from our view

As if I wasn’t busy enough, I am asking for punishment but hey that’s me right. So I had the concept last year well really for last couple years and now am acting on it. In December I registered a domain (dot com is taken by someone who isn’t using it) it sat there with a shell of a wordpress installation collecting dust. That is until ┬áthis week. The site is offically unoffically (that’s right I make up my own sayings) live. Meaning the look and features are going to be evolving over time but content is starting to trickle in.

I am not in this venture alone, I will have writers from all areas covering different teams and sports, while I will mainly be discussing the New England Patriots. So far Shawn Cannon from vTech411 is onboard and writing about the Atlanta Falcons and his beloved Alabama Crimson Tide. My other good friend Michael Letschin will be covering Baltimore Ravens and other teams in the DC area. One cool fact which I razz Michael about all the time is he was a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and was actually on the team when they won a Super Bowl!!

Find us on the web at:

Nerd’s Blurt

I have to keep busy doing stuff and I wanted space to talk about my other passions besides technology, so I created 3 blogs with maybe 2 more on the way. After all Ido own a Media company so might as well put out some killer online publications. So if you are someone I know and are looking to write about food or sports contact me.