IntSights – Combating Malware and Cyber Threats

Technology today is everywhere. Business data is on multiple devices and people are still flawed. Not only does the world need to worry about a global pandemic, they also need to ensure their data networks are secure. Malware could be sitting there allowing user full control of your environment.

My daughters school district in Maryland was a victim of ransomware. Affecting thousands of people. The kids were excited for a few extra days off, but for the IT administration and admins, it was not such a good time for them.

That is where a company like IntSights comes to play. They help organizations combat cyber security threats; most cyber attacks can be attributed to one simple thing. An employee clicking on a phishing email. We are not talking about that large mouth bass, you are looking at a very costly endeavor recovering from such data breaches.

I am also reminded of the news a few years ago when Sony had a bunch of media stolen from them. IntSights delivers organizations the visibility and expertise of cyber infiltration, helping organizations think like their attackers.

Combat the threats

While Ransomware is the hottest cyber security threat mentioned today, it is Malware that sits lurking on your systems. Just waiting to unleash havoc on your environment and disrupt your business. Intsights has a special combination punch for them to help organizations defend against malware threats. Detecting and preventing Malware is crucial today more than ever.

Another tool in the IntSights portfolio is IntSights Vulnerability Risk Analyzer. Using a tool like this allows you to test your environment for weaknesses. Having the visibility and knowledge on where to strengthen your environment is crucial successfully combating cyber threats. Making your business more secure and having less down time from a potential breach.

IntSights has not only developed solutions to help your organization, they are staffed by experts with the knowledge and proactively dismantle threats.

It was pretty timely for me to get a briefing by the team, right when my daughter was impacted directly from a cyber attack on her school. The realization that the challenges of IT departments isn’t getting any easier. Organizations must have the tools and partnerships with companies like IntSights.

With all these different attack vectors you have to be armed with the cyber defence swiss army or as in the case of IntSights the Israel Defence Force knife