Lessons Learned Shark Hunting

Ok for those that do not know I LOVE sharks, they are such beautiful creatures. Not just the big sharks like the Great White shark all of them. I fell in love with them many years ago because of Discover Shark week. I was babysitting my cousins Simone and Remington. It was my first time doing so at my uncle and aunts house and they had a big screen tv. I fell in love with big TVs that night too. Well, they had cable and it so happened to be shark week. Watching and learning about the sharks was amazing, and I try and watch as much on them as I can.

Sunrise & Seal Cape Cod Aug 2019

Really though it’s about more than the sharks to me, this morning while out at Cape Cod at my friend Sean’s Family Cape house, I went shark hunting, I woke up before my alarm to try and catch the sunrise and possibly a glimpse of a shark. I would love to see a great white breach the sea and toss an unsuspecting seal into the air. Nature at it’s finest.

Really though it is about more as I spent just under two hours on the beach watching the waves crash I had plenty of time to think. I am truly blessed to be able to be on this beach and having such good people in my life. I decided at first to do a Facebook Live video, one of the first people to join was my Aunty Deb who is like another mom to me, my friend Mark joined in from Ireland, and my actual mom hopped on too. Rachel was probably at the gym and she joined and my cousin Krystal (who I am still trying to convince her husband to take me on his boat on the cape to see sharks). Shortly after that, I went live on Twitter (my favorite social platform). My friend Raff made a nice comment and it started to make me want to write this post. Then my friend Bridget thanked me for sharing the beautiful sunrise video to start a Friday.

I was able to share a special moment of starting my day with so many people.

What about Shark Hunting?

Now you are probably wondering what lessons have I learned while for what I call Shark Hunting is really just being able to see these majestic animals in their environment living life.

  1. Stop and enjoy the small things, life get’s crazy and we go go go, so slow down.
  2. Make time – You have to make time to see or do things you want. I woke up at 5am to walk to the beach with hopes to see a shark.
  3. Patience – I have been coming to the Cape for years, still no Shark sightings by me. I check the Sharktivity App daily. But I need patience in order to see them how I want. Sometimes in life, we need to learn that we don’t need it right this minute.
  4. Thankful – I am very fortunate to have so many people in my life from around the world, never in my life did I imagine I would have friends across the globe. For that I am thankful.

Also watching the seals in the water is awesome! I saw about 25 this morning. One little baby seal was following me up the coastline, I was hoping a shark got him, but then again I didn’t want that cause he was soooo cute.