LinkedIn – What experiences should be on your Profile?

Question on LinkedIn

This simple question sparks some really deep thought process with-in me, I was having a conversation in regards to my LinkedIn profile and a suggestion to not have something on there was raised. So the following is my take on answering my own question, but I’m not a recruiter or hiring manager and someone in that role may view it differently.

LinkedIn Logo What experiences should you have on your LinkedIn Profile?

I am 33 years old and in that time I have been a cashier, Public Safety Officer, Soldier, Computer Technician, Assistant Manager for Auto Industry, Security Guard, Mail Room Clerk ( I actually had always wanted to do this), Gas attendant, Mechanic, Armored Car Driver/Carrier, Consultant, Business Owner, Landscaper. Every role has helped shape who I am today and has made me into this great person. Without those experiences I could still be some punk on the street. Instead I have learned valuable life lessons along the way and have matured in the process. Now I will be first to admit I have made some careless mistakes in life but those mistakes help shape my own growth.

Resume vs LinkedIn

I know for different positions you are applying for you should have a tailored resume to reflect that position. But should you tailor your online profile to fit that same concept?

If people are to look at LinkedIn as your online resume for a certain position should something not relating to that position be a determining factor?

The Way I see it

Now, my thought process is that if I chose to list X or Y experience is because I found value in such a posting. Let’s examine my profile if you were considering me for a manager or supervisor role you may say Luigi has no experience in such a capacity if I’m tailoring my profile to Z Industry.

But in reality after I got out of basic training I started working for Pepboys as a Service Writer ( person who checks in your car and tells you how much it is going to cost you) and I worked my way up to Assistant Service Manager. With having key responsibilities for all shop personnel and the day to day running of the service department to include mechanics and service writers. So anywhere from 10-15 employees. I held the role for a number of years until I went into a different field.

Now on my resume in Z industry I may not include Pepboys in my resume as I am no longer in that field, and would gear my resume for Z industry. But would I be remiss to not have it on LinkedIn?

Again I was working in C industry for a few years and started as a laborer and worked my way to being the number two person in this small company. I had supervisory duties on my own three person work crew, would I not want that on my LinkedIn to show I can work in a type of leadership role.

I always keep my Military experience on everything, that is one of the best things to ever happen to me and it taught me so much diversity and working in tough conditions.

But in some of my other roles, their were experiences that shaped my thought process either from doing something good or messing up and learning from that experience.

Nerd’s Blurt¬†

I think what I’m trying to say is that LinkedIn should be about the entire you, it would show you things not on my resume. Experiences should be embraced and not looked upon in a bad way. The real question is how you have grown from those experiences and what value does working for X company bring to D company. Please tell me what your thoughts about this is, I would love to discuss this more.

I really want to understand this more as I know it could lead to some interesting points of views from the different roles with-in an organization.

Are we almost at the point where you submit a Profile link versus a Resume?