MOH -Follow up 1

Back in August I did a post on my current view of Medal of Honor game from EA. You can read my original thoughts here.

I was very excited and even stopped shaving with Thomas Jones in anticipation for MOH  Teir 1 coming out. I was in Baltimore earlier in the day and managed to make it home just in time for the midnight launch at my local Gamestop. Having some exposure to the beta earlier I wasn’t overly impressed but wanted to play the campaign mode. I started playing as soon as I got home.


Now the campaign has 3 levels of difficulty and I prefer a challenge and play on the hardest level Hard. What were the developers thinking? “HARD” was not hard at all. I had completed almost the entire game in 3 hours. I died a few times in certain spots but the overall “hardness” isn’t there. Wait long enough and the computer teammates take care of most the bad guys.

Teir 1 mode- This actually is a nice mode it has you go through each level and you have a set time to complete it. Now you only have 1 life so if you die you start back from the beginning of the level. I plan on completing the game in this mode as well in the next couple weeks.

Story line- The story line on the game was excellent! Only wish that when game paused it displayed the mission name. (comes in helpful if trying to get achievements)

Now I felt the game ended abruptly, after completing the last mission I only knew the cut scene was me finishing because it started popping up a bunch of achievements.

So overall I would recommend playing the campaign as it is a good storyline and some of the missions are fun.

Took me aprx. 4 1/2 hours to complete the game.


This is where they are focusing alot of the game. EA wants a good online following but it still lacks the great stuff.

No prone! Prone in the story mode but not online! (unless my B button is broke)

They did make you breathe some while looking through sites but no prone! (not sure I can stress this feature enough because while sniping or playing for higher k/d ratio going prone would be nice.)

Objectives- Now I mainly prefer hardcore team death match but it is nice change up with some of the game modes.

No offline multi-player which I do not like. I like the ability to play offline and practice the maps. If you know the maps you can play better online against others.

The use of perks is confusing.- I get a mortar strike but can’t call it in! I’m not stupid by any means, I use the depad and am looking through the goggles but nothing happens.. seriously?!? I am able to get the radar but that’s it.

Weapon accuracy- Serious issues here, I get plunked off by a PISTOL from across map where I’m trying to snipe a person from across the map and they kill me!! Now this has happened a few times and is very annoying. (now Call of Duty use to have same glitch)


This game is a descent game but not better then the Call of Duty series? Very unlikely it will top Black Ops (do out in November)

I will play it but don’t be surprised if it gets traded in and not kept in my game library after November.

What’s your thoughts?