Morning Thoughts – Binge Watching

Today we want to consume as much as we can, we have grown to be an impatient society. I watch TV and I do not like waiting until next week, I want to watch it all. Online Streaming of Netflix is a thing, they drop an entire season of content in one day.

Binge Watching

We love it, it creates and feeds the addiction, the satisfaction we get is euphoric. How many times have you spent hours watching a series? Most recently I started watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix (don’t judge), I can not get enough of episode after episode. Knowing I do not have to wait until next week, or commercials, it is pure entertainment bliss.

That is the appeal to us, the society who loves binge watching tv, movies. Understand something, TV networks understand this love of binge watching. Have you ever came across a movie marathon where they play back to back movies? What about your favorite HGTV show? Ever wonder why they play the same series and repeat of those over and over again?

The answer is simple we as a society have created binge watching to be the norm today.

As I watch my current show I am anxiously awaiting TheDefenders to drop on Netflix. As this post is about binge watching you can bet I will do the same. I have binged on every other series in the Marvel collection. I wish that Agents of shield would drop the same way.

How do you break the addiction caused by binge watching? How does it impact us? I honestly do not know, what I do know is that my 14yr old daughter got me into a show I never would of thought I would like. So to me if binge watching series brings time with my family or something to discuss about with my friends, I am all for it. I will still have the desire and curse the TV when I watch it, as I have been accustomed to binge watching entertainment today.

How about you? What are you binge watching?