Morning Thoughts – Family Time Matters, so MAKE time!

In todays world we are so connected, but yet disconnected from the people around us. While we have many ways to communicate and interact with people how much of that is spent interacting with family in person? I am connected with family and friends who I interact with on a daily basis; Facebook, Instagram, keeping my 200+ day streak going with my daughter on snapchat. This is where the problem lies, we as a society need to learn to disconnect and live in the moment.

Family Time

My Family Struggle

I have been struggling lately with this, while I have many family and friends, I don’t spend much time with them outside of these social channels. Why is that? It started me to think is there something wrong with me, why does family want me to buy things from them but not invite me over for grill session, or just to watch a movie?

That brings me to this weekend, I am away with my boys and younger brother for BikeWeek in Laconia, NH. For my brother and youngest son this is their first time. Roberto my oldest and I are loving that we can share our love and the experience we had many years ago with them. Will there be posting to social outlets, you bet!

More importantly there are going to be the moments not recorded, the memories and laughs, us living in the moment together as family.

Something i enjoy most is just hanging with family for no other reason. I enjoyed a great lunch with my auntie and uncle this week as my uncle decided he works to much and started that family time was more important then 80hrs at work a week. He was aware that one of his weaknesses was that he wanted to live and laugh. Family and relaxing was in order. So, I love my uncle and make a point to just go over and have a quick lunch and some good laughs. I go to their house and feel the love, I know that I can go there anytime and even sleep over without it being planned or an issue.

Then on one hand I have family who only calls when they need something from me. Where are my invites to birthday parties? Cookouts? Where am I in the just gathering for dinners? I notice this stuff. Family and friends mean a lot to me and it kills me to have had to do it, but today if you make the effort to want to do something with me then I try and make the time for you.

My best friend in whole world is my cousin Danny Byron, I know that no matter what he is always there for me. Without question, mean the guy came over and helped me hang curtains, just because it’s time with me. I’ve had other family say they be there to help and then I don’t hear from them.

Think what really sparked this post and understand it’s whats on my mind this morning, was conversation with my son Roberto. We were talking about family and friends and how people come and go in your life and thats ok. People are on different parts of their journey and change. There are going to be a few people that will be there always, then there be some that come in and out. That’s ok!

I had to have conversation with my other son Luigi Jr about family first, how important it is to be there for your siblings even at times of them being wrong, you have their back and after you discuss with them your issue. I had hard talk about how currently I am not speaking to my sister, yes me not speaking to her, does it mean i do not love her, nope. But she hurt me, will it change I hope so.

Thanks for listening to me vent a little.

If you get anything out of this post, understand that family time disconnected is needed. Make the time to live and laugh with those in your life.