Morning Thoughts – The Will to Win

The Will to Win, it is putting your mind on an objective and not giving up. This post is dedicated to my friend Sean Evans. Who is Sean?

Sean is a father, significant other, friend, a fighter. Fighting is an outlet for him, stepping into the octagon takes the will to win. Having known him for a little over a year I can say he truly has the will to win. Even in losses he stays focused and destroys himself on social media, he is his hardest critic. There is a valuable lesson you can all get from Sean and his will to win.

Sean’s Will

Will to Win - Sean Evans MMA

Photo cred – Kelly MacDonald – Cross Face Production

On June 10th 2017 Sean stepped into the octagon to fight. That fight went the distance, 3 five minute rounds. It went to the judges, Sean lost by Split decision. What wasn’t lost in this battle was Sean’s will to win. Early in the fight Sean broke his hand, yes you read that right broke his hand. Did Sean stop? Nope, he had a will to finish and go out there and put on a show. His will to win put the pain of a broken hand aside, now imagine where your job is to punch a person trying to pummel you and with each hit you are hurting.

How many would want to give up? Well seeing how I mentioned earlier that Sean went the distance in the fight not him. That is something he should be proud of, I sure am proud of him.

Something I noticed with Sean is a weakness, in a previous Morning Thought I discussed knowing your weakness. Now it’s not a bad weakness, it is what drives his will to win.

I know you are wondering how is his weakness driving his will, simple he is a fighter. The limits he pushes himself in training is insane, but he keeps it real, he talks about the struggles. How many go to the gym to walk on a treadmill? Sean does sometimes 3 hard training sessions from boxing, cardio and BJJ then finishes with hard sparring with some heavy hitters. He is conditioning his will to win for when he steps into the octagon.

Will to Win

Photo Cred – Igdalia Medina- Medina MMA Photography

What you can learn

If you take anything away from this post I want you to take away that you can do anything. I am proud of Sean for stepping in the cage, pushing the limits and not giving up. Are you having tough time at work on a project? Tell yourself you got this, have the will to win. Stay focused even if things get bumpy, you need to will to win.

You have to want something to not give up, to fight past adversity. If you are expecting things to just come to you, then change and start doing and making things happen. Sean trains hard everyday, be like Sean and push yourself in life and your job. By doing so your will to win is magnified and in life you already won.