Moving Past Failure

Let’s take a look at failure. A few months ago while driving down to the New Jersey VMUG, I recorded what I thought was about 2 1/2 hours of content from a few blog posts that I had been overdue on writing and some things for my Influencer Marketing book. However, when I got to my room and went to play back the recordings, nothing was there! I failed to test my recorder before ever using it (this was my first time using it) and didn’t realize I had to press record twice to actually start recording. So here is what I wanted to say about failing.Failure

Failing is OK

Repeat after me, failing is OK.

One of the major stigmas is you must succeed at all costs. This is wrong on so many levels and puts more stress on yourself than needed.

Let me provide another example of one of my other failures:

I am very fortunate to be invited and travel to some events around the world as a blogger, however during the past year or so I haven’t written as much as intended. Letting down not only my readers here, the organizers of these events, now this wasn’t done with malice. Blog article concepts are in my head. Personally, I was just not in the best of spaces and felt like a failure. Not really understanding how I was feeling, I played the excuse game with-in myself and it was beating me.

Overcoming Failure

Now that I have given a couple of examples of how I failed or had the feeling that I had, let’s explore a few things we can start doing today to overcome it.

Somethings in life cannot be explained, overcoming things is not one of them.

  • Positive thinking- I call this positive energy NerdBlurtMojo. There is just something about having the mindset of a great outcome that changes. I often tell myself, I got this, you are awesome. So when it seems like the world is crashing down on you and you are a failure in life, breathe and say it is going to be ok.
  • Small changes- Often times when things are not going as planned we try and make major changes all at once. Change it up, and take a slower approach. For me, I have been changing up my routine, instead of moping around, I wake up do 25 pushups and some situps. I also have been walking on an average of 2miles a day. While wanting to be a little healthier I decided to not stop eating the things I love, but do so in moderation (except chicken wings, as we know I love me some wings). Those small changes have resulted in me losing 13lbs in a few weeks.
  • Embrace the small victories – So you don’t land that job you interviewed for, does it hurt and make you feel like a failure, sure does. I have been there! I started thinking I made it to the interview(s) stage, small victory achieved.
  • Control what you can control – There are things we can control in our lives, worry about that. By using a combination of small changes it will have a positive impact on the things you can control. This requires you to stop and think. For me, I had to decrease the amount of foolish spending, while I enjoyed many services like Amazon Unlimited Music, I am fine with just Amazon Prime music. Reducing my monthly spend felt great.

Nerd’s Blurt

One thing I have learned is that failure is an option, how you respond to it is what matters. For much longer than I would like to admit, I was failing at many things. I had to stop and reflect on that, map out a few different paths to go and then start doing.

How have you failed? What have you done to help you get past that?