My April’s Fool Fun

Today is April 1st.. Alos known to many as April’s Fools Day. This is a great day to exhibit fun!! So what are your plans to do to unexpecting co-workers?

This is what I have done so far today-

I took a pair of 3d glasses I recieved from the movies.

Spare Laptop Keyboard

While walking around I had the glasses on my head and when talking with people said ” Hey I’m beta testing this new nano technology where it displays my computer in these glasses. Do you want to check it out? ”

I then proceed  to tell them that it is biometric and you must place your hand on the keyboard contact. After a couple random questions I say can you see it yet..they usually reply with I don’t see anything. At this point I’m dying laughing and say that’s because it’s an April Fools prank!!

I have gotten 2 people so far and will try and get some more!!

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As I do more I will update this post.