NECCDC 2012- Simply Amazed

This past weekend I was a member of the White Team for the NECCDC. I have never participated with this event before however my friend Matthew Brender from I Tech Therefore I am wrote a post looking for volunteers. NECCDC is a sponsored event by EMC, North Eastern University, Dell Secureworks, SPAWAR to name a few.

Blue Team
The Blue Team consisted of 12 Colleges and Universities. RIT, UNH, UM, ALFRED, NEU, SIT, UMASS, CHAMPLAIN, WPI, HARVARD, BUFFALO, PACE.

Red Team
Was mixed with Security specialists in all aspects of Technology specialties.

Teams were scored on different services running constantly while getting attacked by the Red Team. There was also Business challenges brought into the event. Causing a mock real world situation for the participants.

  • DNS
  • FTP
  • SSH
  • SMTP
  • POP3
  • HTTP
  • HTTP2
  • Data integrity
  • Various Business tasks assigned randomly throughout


RIT took the top spot this weekend.

Nerd’s Blurt
This being my 1st year involved was so interesting. I was inspired a lot by the students who are one day going to be my peers in some form. I really have to share one of the experiences I went through and how inspiring it was to witness in 2012.

On Saturday I was assigned to be in RM7. I had a great partner Dan Woodruff in the room as well. Now on this day the competition started at 9am, Dan and I were in an empty room. We joked about us getting to sit in an empty room all day. Our team was Team 32 Harvard University. I know most just hear Harvard and there is a certain stigma related to that, “They go to Harvard”( I can hear it in my head and someone dragging out the Harvard and all ) It is now close to 15 past 9 when our team members come in. Dan and I quickly notice there is something astray in the room. On Friday evening there were 6 team members, Saturday only 3 members showed back up. So right off the bat Team 32 is down half of it’s team. This is huge undertaking as there are multiple systems being attacked at any point from the Red Team.

Team 32 was calm and went about their tasks with great composure! They worked great as a team, each owning a task and all cringing every time the door opened for a new inject. They kept plugging away un-phased that they were greatly under manned. This can be a pretty stressful event for the Blue teams and this small group held it together. I have a lot of respect for people with that work ethic. There was no complaining or making excuses for the team members that decided Spring Break was more important, nothing! The dedication that Team 32 showed and the great composure was an awesome thing to witness at an event that is already Awesome in it self. So Michele, Byron & Carl hats off to you three! My advice to you is keep that same dedication going forward and you will make it in which ever career you so choose. Did I mention that Michele of Team 32 isn’t even a computer major? Another thing that impressed me was that fact and the dedication to her friends to not give up on them!

Oh, Michele I know you guys will read this but look down as your shoes untied!! 😉