NerdBlurt 1yr Later

So with just little over a year of this blog being up and running, I have to say THANKS!!

The last year has been such a crazy kind of good it would take alot more posts to explain it all. I have so many topics I want to touch on and no real starting point.

1st 2010 was one of my best years ever, not only did I win 2 ipads, but I think alot of people remember that more then anything, I gained some great friends and expanded my personal network tremendiously! The friendships are truly more blessed then winning the iPads even though I love playing angrybirds on.

 Since my last post a few months ago I have been super busy. As you all know I had started working and am loving what I do. My boss and co-workers are great! I’m back in school for the 2011 Spring semester so it takes up a lot of time with work also. 

So what’s in store for 2011

I have some plans in place to add some bloggers to this site. Making NerdBlurt bigger and have more content. This will be done by some guest blog posts and some resident bloggers soon to be announced. So if you know someone hit me up!!


Well so far no contests to enter yet but like many I can’t really afford on my own to attend the conferences I would like (EMC World, VMworld) but will try my best to be there. So if any company  is feeling generous contact me I know 3 people who would be forever grateful;).


I am so thankful I tried helping Bas, and decided to start blogging, it really has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

So keep an eye on this space as you are sure to see more content posted here. I personally plan on doing at least 1 but maybe two articles a week on Sunday & Weds nights.  Starting with this one. I have a lot of great ideas and am currently working on a few good posts..

Again I can’t thank all you reading this enough!!

Luigi aka NerdBlurt