Nested Ubuntu Cloud MaaS – Turning your single ESXi server into a cloud 1


Generally when I have a spare, yet powerful server (ya I know first world problems right), I drop ESXi on and just spin up some VM’s, even if I have to let it sit all isolated away from vCenter, but – what if you could turn that single ESXi host into a fully functional cloud?  I am hoping that is what Ubuntu Cloud will do for me.

Generally you would be installing Ubuntu Cloud on physical hardware, since this is for lab/test purposes we will be doing it in a VM so you still want to drop ESXi on the bare metal.  Once that is done, mount an Ubuntu server ISO into a VM and start the installation.  I am not going to do a step by step install because, well this:; I will however confirm the steps here work so follow along and you should end up here:


The directions suggested you use the maas-cli command from the command prompt to import images, you can just as easily (more easily?) do this from the web portal.  Log in as the user your created the with sudo maas createsuperuser command and click the “initiated by hand” link at the top of the page.  You will then see a message that the import has started.


You can now also add additional users, which is probably a good idea as you don’t want to be handing out your super user credentials.  With my users created, its time to sit back and wait for images to download.  Tune in next time to see if I managed to get this actually working!


Nested Ubuntu Cloud MaaS – Turning your single ESXi server into a cloud