Making the case for hybrid/multi-cloud

In the beginning, convincing customers to adopt the cloud was a challenge. Only cash strapped startups would use the cloud because they couldn’t afford anything else. But then as the enterprise world started to see the financial benefits of adopting the cloud over running their own datacenters, the question became, […]

Lessons Learned Shark Hunting

Ok for those that do not know I LOVE sharks, they are such beautiful creatures. Not just the big sharks like the Great White shark all of them. I fell in love with them many years ago because of Discover Shark week. I was babysitting my cousins Simone and Remington. […]

Where have I been

I have been wanting to write again for the last few months, but have made excuse after excuse not too. Honestly, I have just been getting acclomated to my new role with VMware. I plan on writing more about that and my journey in the coming days, weeks, months. Somethings […]

Getting Social and Engaging with CommvaultGo 2018 from your couch 1

Over the next few days, I will be attending the CommvaultGo the annual conference for Commvault. While I will be onsite, those of you reading this may not be able to attend and may want a way to participate. Don’t worry I have you covered with a couple of ways […]