Moving Past Failure

Let’s take a look at failure. A few months ago while driving down to the New Jersey VMUG, I recorded what I thought was about 2 1/2 hours of content from a few blog posts that I had been overdue on writing and some things for my Influencer Marketing book. […]


HPE Culture Shift

How HPE is starting culture shift from the top down

Over the last two years HPE has been on a transformation, it has been restructured and what was once a long standing company, divided into two. Shortly after the finalization from splitting away from HP; more changes were in the works. Today, HPE is not it’s founders company. With the […]

Using social media for career advancement

Social Media is a tumultuousness place. You hear so much about the drama and bad that comes from it. What you rarely hear is how awesome it is. The real benefit from engaging on social platforms. Hidden beneath the political banter and this is right and you are wrong lies […]

Forcepoint User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Stop User Behavior from killing your data 1

Today I want to focus on the study of User Behavior Analytics and how companies like ForcePoint are developing solutions to help mitigate cybersecurity threats from inside your company. While attending Tech Field Day 16* out in Austin, User Behavior Analytics took the center stage during one of the presentations by Forcepoint. […]

Tech Stand UP Podcast- Episode 7 – Community Swiss Army Knife

Today’s guest is Shane Weinbrecht. Shane is a jack of all community for Scale Computing. We discuss how Shane and I met through the community and what relationship building really means. His love for sharing knowledge with others is what drives him to continue being part of the technology community. Family […]