PSA – Please stop speeding

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

A bit off topic for me as I do every now and again but this one hits home a bit – speeding – it really doesn’t help you at the scale we are already traveling and it just puts you, your family and others and their families in danger.  Don’t believe me?

RIP Gerard Frappier - November 16th 2014

RIP Gerard Frappier – November 16th 2014

I just recently found out that my cousin, someone I spent pretty much most of my high school life with died at the age of 36, just 10 days before Thanksgiving – not the gift I imagine my uncle and his family would have wanted heading into the holidays.  I didn’t write this post for any sort of pitty, in fact to be honest my cousin and I lost touch since high school but always meant to reconnect, time ran out on that one.

Now I am just as much at fault here as others, we get in rush or we are running late and we speed up; we might try to pass someone to get there a bit faster.  Let’s do some simple math on the topic.  Most highways in Massachusetts are between 55 and 65 MPH, so to start off easy lets say you are traveling 60 MPH and traffic is not yet a factor and have roughly a 30 mile drive to work – you can get to the office in 30 minutes.  Not a bad commute, and actually falls in around the national average for time.  Now lets say you add another 15 MPH to your drive, or in most cases you are over the speed limit by at least 10 MPH; you would save a whopping 6 minutes.  If your commute is to work, and you are worried about 6 minutes I’d think you are working for the wrong company.  If you are late for dinner or drinks with friends – they’ll wait.

Now, those are ideal conditions we talked about – 30 mile drive, 60 MPH for the entire trip, those are highway speeds – how many of you have a house off a major highway?  I’d imagine no one (at least in MA there are no houses on major highways).  So using my commute to Boston – the roughly 30 mile drive I used earlier lets look at the potential savings.

The first leg of my trip (and I am making the assumption that most people have a similar style commute for those of us in the burbs) would take me 10 miles to get to the highway on normal 2 lane main road where the speed limit is about 35 MPH on average.  If I drive the speed limit for the first 10 miles at 35 MPH it would take me roughly 18 minutes to get to the highway.  Since I am on a side road lets say I can only exceed the speed limit by about 5 MPH (15 MPH would just reckless), my drive goes from 18 minutes to just under 15 minutes –  3 whole minutes.

The next leg of my trip on the highway is 20 miles, so again using the same math as the ideal example, my 20 mile ride at 65 MPH would be just about 19 minutes.  Speed up that 15 MPH – approaching being a bit reckless here and my commute is now 15 minutes or a 4 minute savings.

All this under perfect conditions, no red lights, no old people in Caddy’s driving 10MPH, no one crossing the street – all the things you put in danger, as well as others in danger; things we face on our commute every day.

So, is 7 minutes worth risking your life? Better yet, your families?

PSA – Please stop speeding