Recorded Live Dell BackUpU from Dellworld

While I was out at Dell World last week, I had the great pleasure to participate in a live  #BackUp.U recording. A few months ago I stumbled into a recording of one of their Google+ hangouts. I was thinking I was going to be watching the live stream and behold I actually made it into the recording then. My hair was a mess and honestly if I knew I was joining the actual hangout then I would have done my hair. I was glad I was wearing a shirt or that would have been really awkward.

There was a great mix on the panel Justin Warren, Michael E. Davis, Gina Minks and myself, with Greg Schulz as the moderator.  For those not familiar it is normally Gina and Greg

Recorded Session

You can watch the recorded session below

Nerd’s Blurt

This was one of the highlights of my conference, which I still am writing up the notes from last week into blog posts.